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Never get mad at someone with anxiety for apologizing a lot. It’s a coping mechanism and yelling only makes it worse. They don’t need tough love or anything like that. Reassurance that they are fine is the most important thing

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If I’m quiet

  • I’m plotting.
  • I’m lurking.
  • I’m making icons.
  • I’m too tired.
  • I’m trying to do drafts and probably not succeeding.
  • I’m making up other accounts/or are on another account.
  • I’m reading fanfics and I can’t stop.
  • I’m trying to have a normal life, is it working? To be decided.

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Anonymous said —
❝ How was your Easter? ❞

"I slept until dinner time, it was fantastic." Allen mused a quirky grin on his face. "…I haven’t slept that well in a long time."


(( Ah well it was Easter I suppose. My um and I woke up kind of late so we kind of rushed making all the food, but other than that it was nice. My sister came over with my nephew and for once my brother was home— not to mention my dad was in a good mood and that never happens. I’m thankful I wasn’t dragged to the really big family get together at the park— so yeah. Today was surprisingly nice. And you Anon?

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I’ve basically defiled poor Nevy’s character completely at this point



I watch this disturbing video every easter

The entirely pastel backgrounds are what make this a masterpiece. 

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 It’s hard playing a canon character. Constantly I’ll doubt myself because I’ll see all these other versions of the same character portrayed so well that I just don’t feel so confident in my own portrayal. When people follow me I think they’re trying to measure me against all of these expectations, and I can’t meet them because I tend to lead the character down a different path than what’s canon.

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❝ "What a nice squeak, I think I’ll bite that spot again." ❞



Allen doesn’t really know how he got in the situation, but at the current moment he really didn’t care. Right now his back was against a stone wall, the cool brick a nice contrast to the heat constantly growing inside his being, and Lavi was the one holding him there nipping and playing with the skin of his neck..

The younger teen almost wanted to hit the rabbit once he heard his rather snarky remark, but with the position he was in he couldn’t really bring himself to do it. “Shut up~” Allen decided to say instead and squeaked yet another time when the redhead did exactly as he said he was going to do. A gloved hand slapped itself over the teen’s mouth, not wanting to be loud.

The smile Lavi gave the other in response to his words was more of a grimace - his shoulder was still hurting like hell, but as he had just said, he really had deserved that. However, the second time Allen spoke up, the smirk on his lips sent a shiver down the redhead’s spine and he found himself gulping nervously, not sure what to think of this expression on the other. At this point it was hard to tell if payback would be pleasurable or not, but…

Eyebrows rose beneath his headband as Allen’s eyes softened again, once more the warm, molten silver Lavi knew and adored, and he found himself pulled into a tentative embrace, arms wrapping tightly around him a moment later. Letting out a breath he hadn’t known he’d been holding, Lavi closed his eyes and pulled Allen close, burying his nose in snowy locks and inhaling the familiar scent. It was a scent that always brought comfort to the redhead, that made him feel more at home no matter where he was. A soft, genuine smile formed on Lavi’s face, and his reply to the other’s words was a whispered apology and the fleeting touch of lips against the side of his head, gentle, loving, apologetic. 

He didn’t know what to say, so he tried to simply convey to Allen how he felt about the situation with the way he held him close, relishing the comforting warmth of his lover. But as much as he wanted to keep holding him like this, Lavi knew that they had to head back to the Finders eventually, and with a soft sigh, the redhead loosened his grip around Allen, instead taking a hold of the other’s hands with his own. Leaning close again to briefly rub noses with Allen, he then brushed his lips against his in a feathery kiss before finally taking a step back, still smiling softly at the teen. “I won’t take any unnecessary risks anymore, promise. ‘kay?”

The younger teen could feel the redhead relax despite the fact that said redhead only tightened his grip around Allen’s smaller frame.He was glad they managed to get over this, even though it didn’t take much to do so it was a rather large deal to the both of them. Allen could still feel the after shocks of freight pulsing through his veins every so often and his nerves were finally starting to subside. Yes what they did was rather…invigorating, and Allen couldn’t lie the stunt Lavi had pulled was also enjoyable, but the fact that said stunt could have cost them practically everything scared Allen to no end.

Silver blinked up, meeting that one stunning emerald eye that still held looks of ‘I’m sorry’. A small chuckle left Allen’s lips, smiling a surprisingly genuine smile despite the fact he’d have to cover all this affection up in a few minutes. Instinctively closing his eyes sheepishly as Lavi got closer and reacted as he normally would as the lightest of blushes dusted over his features. Still smiling at the other once he had detached himself and took a quick glance out into the alley way. If a few moments they would be Lavi and his little buddy again instead of lovers, but to be honest Allen never really minded— ever since Christmas he’s never really minded how he spent time with Lavi, or the redhead as a whole, as long as he did. Wow— how sappy did that sound. Looking back to Lavi ans smiled again for him— okay yeah, pretty damn sappy.

"….good." Allen replied, finally able to get his accent under control now that he has calmed down. taking in a deep breath and looked down at his coat which was unbuttoned, and his shirt was an untucked mess. Quickly he fixed himself up, again looking like his usual proper self shooting a small pointed look at his rabbit as he did so, but nevertheless he smiled. It was probably the last genuine smile for the day especially due to the fact that soon enough he would have to act mad at Lavi for sake of looking legitimate to the finders. "We should go, it supposedly shouldn’t take too long to "find Lavi and regroup"..haha." Allen mused sharing a knowing look with Lavi before making his way towards the town square. Turning back, walking backwards to speak with the rabbit. "Where do you think we should stop for dinner." He asked starting normal conversation that they could be immersed in for when they did in fact regroup. "..there was a nice looking dinner towards the East end if I remember correctly."

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Hey guys.
Sorry I wasn’t all practically all day, I had lots to do today ;;
Anyways, I’m here now— even though I probably cant be on for too long due to the fact I have school in the morning.
But yeah.

Tell My Muse, Anon Or Not, What You Find Sexually Attractive About Them


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